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Group Travel

Unlimited opportunities
The Zeppelin Town Friedrichshafen is the ideal starting point for your journey. Due to its central location, advantageous infrastructure and high level of available accomodation, Friedrichshafen is the ideal starting point for group travel, offering virtually unlimited possibilities for day trips in and around the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Immerse yourself in the cultural history and the landscape of a unique region. more

Autumn & Winter

Everyday is something special
Not only during the summer months Friedrichshafen has a lot on offer. Have you ever thought of visiting Friedrichshafen in the autumn? For example during the grape harvest or to go hiking when the warm foehn wind makes the alps seem within your reach. Or you visit Friedrichshafen in the winter when the Christmas market is on and the lake is still and calm. Or during spring when the “fasnet” (carnival) determines life in the town. One thing you can be sure of: every day is something special when you stay on the lake. more



Opening hours Tourist Information:
May to September
Mon to Fri  9am - 6pm
Sat  9am - 1pm

Audioguide Friedrichshafen

An interactive City Tour for adults and children for your smartphone. Listen to exciting stories about the sights in Friedrichshafen:

Friedrichshafen weather forecast

0 Wednesday
25 °C, sunny
0 Thursday
27 °C, sunny
0 Friday
18 °C, sunny
0 Saturday
19 °C, sunny

Would you like to learn more about Friedrichshafen? Detailed information in german you can also find on www.friedrichshafen.de.