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Viewing Tower on the Pier


Viewing Tower on the Pier

From the 22 m high Viewing Tower on the pier, which was erected in the year 2000, you'll have a marvelous view of the town with the castle church, the orchards in the background and a superb panoramic view of Lake Constance and the Swiss and Austrian Alps. A panoramic board on top of the Viewpoint Tower offers a detailed view of the mountain range across the lake.

The Viewing Tower, a perpendicular town planning element, combines with its horizontal counterpart - the pierhead roofing, to form one of the most important gateways to the town. The design of the Viewing Tower makes a direct reference to the classical architectural elements of the port train station. Steel steps lead visitors onto two viewing platforms, from where they have a wonderful view of the town and the lake. The higher platform creates a roof for the lower one, thus protecting it from the elements. There is room for a total of about 100 people on the two platforms.

Technical data:

Height above the pier: 22.25 m
Area: 25.60 m²
Number of levels: 9
Weight: ca. 50 t
Depth of foundations: ca. 40 m under the pier
Construction begin: April 2000
Completion: July 2000



Opening hours Tourist Information:
May to September
Mon to Fri  9am - 6pm
Sat  9am - 1pm

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