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Lakeside Promenade


The lakeside promenade

The lakeside promenade at Friedrichshafen is one of the longest and most beautiful on Lake Constance. A splendid view of the lake and the alps is to be enjoyed, from the mouth of the river Rotach to the chateau. The extensive port area along Seestraße and Uferstraße adds a hint of maritime flair to the promenade and numerous cafés are on hand for those who care to linger. This is also the port of the ferry line "Weiße Flotte", from where the ships set sail for all of the important places on Lake Constance. The Zeppelin Museum is a must for all visitors to Friedrichshafen, with the world's largest collection of artefacts concerning the history of airship travel. Something which many people don't know: the museum also plays host to paintings from this region, from Mediaeval times to the present day.

It's also well worth visiting the 22 m high viewing tower on the pier. The car ferry to Switzerland also docks on the lakeside promenade, along with the renovation docks for the ships of Lake Constance, the demonstration harbour of the "Interboot" trade fair, the "Klangschiff" and, last but not least, the marina for gondolas and yachts belonging to the Württemberg Yacht Club.



Opening hours Tourist Information:
May to September
Mon to Fri  9am - 6pm
Sat  9am - 1pm

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