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Zeppelin flight – The most beautiful way to fly
Cruising with the Zeppelin NT – a view from on high, smoothly and gently along the Alps, over towns and
cultural landscapes. This is a unique flight adventure with a bird’s eye view. Large panorama windows ensure an impressive view from every seat. Enjoy a very special flying experience. Reservation required.
Information: Tourist-Information Friedrichshafen, Tel. +49 7541 30010 or Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei, Tel. +49 7541 59000, www.zeppelinflug.de

Scenic helicopter sightseeing flights or fly yourself
Enjoy the unforgettable panoramic view over the enchanting Lake Constance and the Alps, or let your dream of flying yourself come true! The trial flight includes detailed instruction in the helicopter technology during a one hour pre-flight check, as well as the flight at the helm of a Robinson R22 under the supervision of a flight instructor (approx. 30 minutes). Reservation required.
Meeting point: Friedrichshafen airport
Fee: Sightseeing flight from € 217 per person, fly yourself € 368 per person
Information: BHF-Bodensee-Helicopter GmbH, Tel. +49 7541 304985, info(at)bodensee-helicopter.de, www.bodensee-helicopter.de

Scenic microlight sightseeing flights or fly yourself
Enjoy the fascination of flying up close. Appreciate the unbelievable panorama of Lake Constance and the Alps. The flights can be individually tailored to your needs. You also can make your dream come true: After a detailed instruction and a pre-flight check (approx. 45 min.), you can climb into the pilot seat. Under the supervision of a flight instructor, you yourself will fly the plane for about 45 minutes. Experience the breathtaking feeling of being a pilot. Reservation required.
Meeting point: Friedrichshafen airport
Fee: Sightseeing flight € 175 per person and hour, fly yourself € 195 per person
Information: Phoenix Bodensee, Tel. +49 7541 404742 and +49 171 5608307, info(at)phoenix-bodensee.de, www.phoenix-bodensee.de



Opening hours Tourist Information:
May to September
Mon to Fri  9am - 6pm
Sat  9am - 1pm

Audioguide Friedrichshafen

An interactive City Tour for adults and children for your smartphone. Listen to exciting stories about the sights in Friedrichshafen:

Friedrichshafen weather forecast

0 Wednesday
25 °C, sunny
0 Thursday
27 °C, sunny
0 Friday
18 °C, sunny
0 Saturday
19 °C, sunny

Would you like to learn more about Friedrichshafen? Detailed information in german you can also find on www.friedrichshafen.de.