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Schnapps distilleries


Noble distillations...

The region around Lake Constance is known not only for its distinguished wines, but also for its superb distillations. The hilly landscape with its meadows, apples and pears, cherries, plums and mirabelles and its particular climate is the basis for our exquisite distillations:

concentrated aromas originating from this unique countryside. Allow us to let you into the secrets of our distilleries!

Ringhotel Krone, Friedrichshafen - Schnetzenhausen
The Ringhotel Krone in Schnetzenhausen cultivates various types of apples as well as Williams pears in orchards of around five hectares altogether. These and other fresh fruits are distilled to produce premium schnapps varieties. These are on sale in the hotel, with a special commendation. The in-house varieties on offer are: Williams, mirabelle, cherry and herbs. A particular rarity is the wild cherry variety, whose fruits are harvested with a great deal of care and attention, then meticulously distilled and then matured for 12 years.  

Burgunderhof Hagnau
Take a stroll through the world of first class distillations! Heiner Renn, known in the trade as 'King of the distillers', presents his noble distillations at his ecological vinyard in the distillery built especially for this purpose.

Gierer Edelbrände, Bodolz - Lindau
One of its kind in the Lake Constance area. Experience the exceptional ambience of a degustation of specially selected distillations. An unforgettable adventure for your palate with uncommon rarities.

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