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Zeppelin Trail


Zeppelin Trail

The "Zeppelin Trail" (Zeppelin-Pfad), opened in April 2008, documents important aspects of town history in Friedrichshafen at nine information points and presents thereby an attractive introduction to prominent town developments during the 20th century. The history of the Zeppelin trust plays a central role in this development.

In the year 1908, Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin founded a trust with which the Zeppelin concern was able to develop. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this foundation, the Zeppelin Trail was created, comprising nine information boards depicting the town history of Friedrichshafen. The track begins on the West side of the town, near the brickworks "Grenzhof". Here, on the stream Grenzbach, between Fischbach in Friedrichshafen and Immenstaad, was the former boundary seperating the counties of Bavaria and Württemberg. The track continues though the industrial estate in Manzell. The airship hangar for the Zeppelins was formerly situated in this bay and, on July 2nd 1990, the virgin flight of the LZ1 took place here. The Zeppelin-pfad is 12 km long altogether and runs from the centre of town to the Friedrichshafen airport. The Zeppelin Trail was created in order to complement the "Historic Trail".


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