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Zeppelin flights - The most beautiful way to fly

With the take-off of the first Zeppelin airship on 2 July 1900 a new era started in Friedrichshafen leaving a lasting impact on the town. About a 100 years after the first “flying giants“ the Zeppelin era was continued with the Zeppelin NT cruising over the Lake Constance region since 2001. Today, 13 different routes are on offer with a flight duration between 30 minutes and 2 hours. A view from above, smoothly and gently along the Alps, over towns and cultural landscapes - a unique flight adventure from a bird's eye view. Large panorama windows provide an impressive view from every seat. Enjoy a unique flying experience. Reservation required.
Info: Tourist-Information Friedrichshafen, Tel. +49 7541 30010 or
Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei, Tel. +49 7541 59000, www.zeppelinflug.de

Zeppelin NT - Guided Hangar Tour for individual travellers

You will get to know all about the construction of the Zeppelin NT and visit the hangar. Find out about the semirigid airship, its construction, its unique flight qualities and its applications. 
Dates: 15, 22, 29 July an 5, 12 and 19 August, Sat 12:15 pm
Fee: 12 € (children up to 14 years free) 
Also individual dates for groups on request.

Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei, Tel. +49 7541 5900343, werftbesichtigung(at)zeppelin-nt.de, www.zeppelinflug.de

Combined ticket
Guided Tour of the Zeppelin Town and the Zeppelin Hangar
Fee: € 13 
(available at the Tourist Information Friedrichshafen)
With our combined ticket offer you can also avail of our recommended City Tour and the Zeppelin Hangar Tour at a discounted rate. After the City Tour you can take the bus number 5 at 11.58am to the Zeppelin Hangar from the Hafenbahnhof (harbour station) located just behind the Zeppelin Museum. Bus ticket not included.

Zeppelin Museum

Situated in the historic harbour station building this museum presents the world‘s largest collection on the subject of airship history, construction and travel. Under the same roof you can visit an important collection of art dating from the late Middle Ages to the present day. The main attraction is the 33 m long reconstruction of part of LZ 129 Hindenburg in its original size, which visitors can board just as the original passengers did in the 30‘s. The authentically fitted passenger rooms give an impression of how people travelled during the period of the “silver giants”. Two entire storeys of the Zeppelin Museum are dedicated to different aspects of Zeppelin history and technology. In addition to the permanent exhibition the museum organizes special events as well as temporary exhibitions.

Opening hours:
May to Oct, daily 9am - 5pm, Nov to Apr, Tues to Sun 10am - 5pm
Information: Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, Seestrasse 22, 88045 Friedrichshafen, Tel. +49 7541 38010, info(at)zeppelin-museum.de, www.zeppelin-museum.de



Opening hours Tourist Information:
November to March:
Mon - Thurs 9 - 4pm
Fri 9 - 12am

Audioguide Friedrichshafen

An interactive City Tour for adults and children for your smartphone. Listen to exciting stories about the sights in Friedrichshafen:

Friedrichshafen weather forecast

3 Friday
6 °C, overcast
6 Saturday
5 °C, rain
6 Sunday
4 °C, rain
6 Monday
10 °C, rain

Would you like to learn more about Friedrichshafen? Detailed information in german you can also find on www.friedrichshafen.de.