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Zeppelin Fountain & Monument


Zeppelin fountain

Friedrichshafen pays tribute to its most famous citizen with a fountain and a monument. Not far from the central train station, you'll find the charming Zeppelin fountain (Zeppelin Brunnen), whose main figure, created in 1909, miraculously survived the War years in the demolished town virtually unscathed. In the Zeppelin anniversary year 2000, the fountain was re-erected as a reconstruction of the original

Zeppelin monument

In the middle of the town gardens and not far from the Zeppelin-Brunnen, you'll find the Zeppelin monument (Zeppelin Denkmal). The simple, but imposing bronze column rises to a height of 13 m and is adorned with an inscription of Ferdinand Graf Zeppelin's words: "It is enough to wish for something and to believe in it; then it will be a success." The monument was erected by sculptor Toni Schneider-Manzell (1911 - 1996) and inaugurated in 1985. Mr. Schneider-Manzell, by the way, came from Friedrichshafen-Manzell.

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