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Historic Trail


Historic Trail

As a result of the swift development of the town since the 19th century and due to the destruction during the 2nd World War, many interesting buildings and places in Friedrichshafen have been lost for ever. The "Historic Trail" (Geschichtspfad), with over 50 illustrated information boards, takes you on a historical tour of the town and portrays the historically interesting buildings and places of the town of the Zeppelin. The 3 km. long route begins at the Hafenbahnhof and follows the shoreline promenade to the Schlosskirche, then past the old cemetery and on to the Stadtbahnhof. Cast a glance 'behind the facades' of a former imperial city, royal residence and industrial town. Learn more about historical backgrounds and developments of our town on the shores of Lake Constance.

Since 1996, local townspeople have been organising a documentation of historically interesting buildings and places in Friedrichshafen, with the aim of elucidating them, one after another, with information boards at their original sites.

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Would you like to learn more about Friedrichshafen? Detailed information in german you can also find on www.friedrichshafen.de.